CUSTOMER: If you are looking for:

  • Ranking contacts and involvement of suppliers on the basis of projects focused more facts
  • An alternative to Main contractor thanks to a widespread competence which necessarily requires the right mix
  • No to spin doctors but the jurisdiction to a widespread competence which necessarily requires the right mix
  • Illustration of the best-of-breed and Coaching supplier customer
  • Expertise in the solution of the problems, availability, quickly in case of emergency
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INVESTOR: Security is the one category where series A investors invest substantially more than their seed counterparts. Series A investors allocate roughly 4 to 6% of their euro each year to security companies, while Seed investors spend less than 1% in this category. If the persistent drumbeat of breaches and data leaks are any indication, we should expect more investment in security:

  • An innovative Startup with exponential growing (revenue + 2 digit last 3 years). Saving investment as business angel in freestandig project.
  • About 100 customers. At least one of top 3 for revenue in every province
  • Mixed competence portfolio. A Lean Business Model with external technical resources.
  • Segregation of selling product.. Huge Skilled Auditor  rotation.
  • Intelligent and organic startup scouting in IT & EU market

For obvious reasons of confidentiality we cannot specify the details of our customers, however, we are among the largest companies in Northern Italy which is the area in which we operate.