Line Of Business


Cyber Security

This business area requires a continuous scouting of new perimeters to be analysed. The key issue is to use standard methodologies that are repeatable (ISO, Cobit, ITIL, SOX, etc.). Providing the service at the top level requires a mix of cyber security skills that hardly can be found in a single vendor. One of the basic security principles is to ensure the rotation of specialised auditors that perform the analysis. We prefer a unconventional  approach to this business area and we prefer EU products and services.


IT Audit & Compliance

The evaluation of an independent third party who has no focused interest in selling products and solutions as a result of the audit is one of the cardinal principles of the service. The auditor's goal is not to replace the customer's suppliers, but to find its vulnerabilities. Conducting an audit before an accident or sanction reduces the damage size.

IT & Cloud Suppliers Brokering

IT & Cloud services brokerage is a business model in which a company adds value to one or more of its premise or cloud services via three primary roles including aggregation, integration and customisation brokerage. Our offer combines technology, people and methodologies to implement and manage complex projects. We conduct an evaluation of our contributors involving specialised suppliers. We guarantee customer anonymity during the exploration phase.

Safe Landscape

Today open source platforms ensure a stability that make them ideal for business. Suggesting the best platform for your needs require focus. The number of success projects awarded allows us to replicate successful cases already dealt with. We guarantee the support of partners based on the territory and we always offer a substitute to ensure the continuity of the project. Because these platforms are open, they're safe and lock-free and the solutions are ranging from infrastructure to vertical application.


Safe Digital Flow

Identifying the best and safest digital channel for flow of information is the goal of this business area. You do not always need to replace your existing platform, just boosting it, and an analysis of your real needs allows us to find a solution with an objective approach. If a replacement is required you'll get help from our partners for an easy migration.

IT Governance

Technologies are increasingly pervasive and it may be very easy to loose the contro of them, that's it essential a complete understanding of the assets in order to avoid the chaos. The end goal is to measure the efficiency and spot the critical issues in IT processes.