• It  is a necessary screening because many companies in the market are not technically competent  or do not use standard methodologies
  • You need a mix of expertise in the analysis of cyber security problems 
  • One of the hinges is the rotation of the auditor who carries out the analysis but which must be focused
  • You should make continuos scouting on new perimeters of analysis and requirements
  • It is necessary independence from the supplier and sometimes anonymity of the costumer

New idea of Competence Center


This Innovative Startup born from a more complete idea of cloud broker who is a key figure for companies who can assesses the needs of the client and the various market opportunities, go to find the right solutions and then mediating the relationship between the provider and the costumer.

Scouting cybersecurity services  and innovative solutions will be special attention to the proposals of the Italian market with even some Startup in the first place and to offers in the Euro area or Israeli.

Given the chronic lack of sensitivity of some of the issues, the idea is also to propose the Temporary Advisor. The service done by professionals will fill the need for tutoring on some strategic issues but do not allow large investments.

Segregation between the Advisor is the provider of services or products will have to be transparent. Services scouting will be available as a service to companies that require anonymity in the early stage of research.